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Well, the saying that a suits can make any man look better is proved by the fact that most men’s wardrobes must have at least a few good suits. There is such a variety of different suits out there with lots of colours and patterns. A man having some good suits for any event makes good sense for a handsome look. Also as this era is era of fashion, glamour so everyone wants to adopts such clothes for himself that give them beautiful and classic look Yet, the following five colours would a good place to start for every man

Navy Blue Suit

Charcoal Gray Suit

Light Gray Suit

Black Suit

Light Brown Suit

1:Navy Blue Suits for A charming look

Though navy blue is one of the most basic shades, people consider it for formal wear like conventional meetings and expensive formal parties.The navy blue suits conveys confidence as well as professionalism and therefore the highest valued set of business attire.

 Wear it with a pressed white shirt, and you have yourself a timeless look. If you prefer to step up your game, go for a bright coloured tie or the belt of your pocket square.

2:Charcoal Grey Suits

Charcoal grey is a stylish and fashionable colour choice that makes a statement and infuses brightness into ancient black.

 It’s exactly what girls dream of for wedding dresses, evening events or other formal events like serious business meetings.

 Stone-graysuits suit is a wardrobe must not to be lost ever, as it guarantees you to look sharp and spick

3:Light Gray Suits                                                                         

This season, light grey suits are prime for hot months and afternoon occasions. They provide a much needed breath of fresh air and an up-to-date look.

 They are the result of the wide yet fresh mix of formal and informal that makes them go with any occasion.

 Attempt it with a blossoming shirt for a delicate, summery feel, or go for a darker hue for a more timeless .

4:Black Suit

A black suit is a wardrobe fundamental, which could be the current generation’s saffron dress, used for the most formal occasions.

 It’s amazing for you to wear a little black dress when you go to formal events like black-tie affairs, weddings, evening galas and so on.

 Alternate between a white shirt and a black tie for a classic but timeless look or colour or wear complex textures and add your own accessories for a more modern and varied look.

5:Light Brown Suit

 Beiges or light browns, for example, will give you a more appealing option to use as you can get rid of monotony in your wardrobe and get a bit of sophistication.

 They can serve best in any season, like spring and summer, giving a sense of freshness and love to the atmosphere

Versatile Pairing: Collar it with a white shirt and brown accessories for a put together and formal look, or try the adventurous approach with colour complimenting for a showy ensemble.


Through having a collection of suits in the 5 most important colors – navy blue, charcoal gray, light gray, black, taupe and light brown – A man can put together a diverse wardrobe that covers many situations, seasons and fashion preferences. Whether you need to dress up for a formal occasion, you should conduct business meetings, or just make up your beautiful and classy everyday style, these classic suit colours are always what you can rely on. They will ensure that no matter what you are doing, you will always look polished, confident and stylishly cute. if it’s an occasion, might it be the formal event, business meeting, or even relaxed walking. Besides, the classic colors such as black, charcoal grey, and navy blue, providing a serenity and a touch of style, makes it easier for you to define yourself through your professional attire. With the possession of a few “male” suits in these fundamental colors, you won’t have to worry about making a statement that will be easy to forget and you will be ready to rock any party you go to. Therefore, if you’re creating your business wardrobe or just improving your funky-chic style, you may be glad to make that time and financial investments in the staple suits


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