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Fashion designer Khadijah Shah, an American of Pakistani descent, is accused of rioting and destruction on multiple occasions

 Khadijah Shah was taken into custody in May 2023 following multiple police attempts to apprehend her for her claimed involvement in the May 9th riots.

When PTI supporters exercised their democratic right to protest, some of those protests took a violent turn. An Army official’s residence was set on fire by miscreants who claimed to be acting on behalf of the interim setup.

She was purportedly detained because she spearheaded the attack on the Jinnah residence. She was denied release despite being granted bail multiple times, and as a result, she was freed on bond in December 2023

1:Khadijah Shah Early life and family

Salman Shah, a former finance minister, is the father of Khadijah Shah.Asif Nawaz Janjua, the former Chief of Army Staff, is her granddaughter.Shah moved to the UK to pursue her education, enrolling at the London School of Economics. She returned to Pakistan and joined the fashion industry there after completing her degree.

Shah is wed and has three kids, a daughter and two sons.She is a dual citizen 

2:Elan A Famous Brand of khadijah shah

Karaim, Pakistan-born, had a taste for fashion from childhood days. To start her life as a professional, she went through education beyond the required line and tried her hand at the world of design. In the year 2006, she initiated Élan, a fashion emporium dealing in luxury goods which, in a short time, became well-known for its exemplary craftsmanship and usual fashion sense.

3:Khadijah Shah contribution for fashion world

The designer’s outlook is based on a deep commitment to preserving the culture and traditions. She gets her inspiration from the multifaceted Pakistani cultural heritage, and beautifully merges the old with the new by combining the traditional motifs, fabrics, and craftsmanship with the modern day material and designs. On the other hand, she has an ability to incorporate a modern vibe together with traditional elements into her designs, thus, creating pieces which represent both tradition and modernity at the same time.

4:Khadijah Shah Innovate Fashion In A New Way

Determination of being a trademark of Khadijah Shah always trying to explore new dimensions in her designs at most is an admirable feature of her. She specifically garnered praise for her vibrant use of colors, the elaborate intarsia embellishment, and the innovative geometrical build which appeared on her outfits and that looked superb and fabulous as well. Thinking through her designs has been the most important aspect and her clients not only consist of fashion lovers but number celebrities as well.

5:Khadijah Shah Collaboration with brands 

As for Elan, Khadijah Shah has been collaborating with international designers and also top brands from different parts of the world. This clearly shows that she has placed herself among the prime fashion icons in the world that exists currently. The Fashion world has been her practical place in which she has succeeded in receiving several awards and trophies and this has proved that she is someone who can visualise beauty and make a masterpiece.

6:Empowering women and social work of khadijah shah

Furthermore , on top of her creatively brilliant fashion design, she is distinguished for her charitable projects and empathy campaign . The designers’ founder said that female involvement and women empowerment through the artist’s training and offering career management would be prioritised. The organisation offers different focuses, among which are reducing the poverty and habitat degradation plus development of social and economical aspects of communities. One of the major achievements in this area is the constant fashion promotion.


When Khadija Shah began her fashion career, it was trend-setting. This trend made her a woman in the fashion industry to be reckoned with. People knew that she had won herself a place in history. The individuality of her creative designs, attention to improving her skills, and societal issues has made this person not only well acknowledged but also respected in the fashion industry. Through each step that involves defying the stereotypes and becoming as much of a symbol of fashion in her region, she [Khadijah Shah] showcases herself as a respected and most genuine member of her nation.


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